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Below you will find a list of the lessons available to you together with links to download the lesson notes and exercises associated with each lesson. For GCSE, short video clips working through actual exam questions can be found in the final lesson categories.

Click a 'Play' button to begin a lesson. Once the lesson begins, click in the bottom right corner to view in full screen mode.

Pre-AS Level Preparation:
Simultaneous linear equations 18 Minutes
Solving quadratic equations by factorizing (1) 20 Minutes
Quadratic equations by formula 16 Minutes
Basic trigonometry 19 Minutes
Probability trees 24 Minutes
Estimating the mean for grouped data 16 Minutes
Algebra AS Level:
Solving quadratic equations by factorizing (2) 29 Minutes
Rearranging formulae 23 Minutes
Surds 19 Minutes
Completing the square 31 Minutes
Algebraic multiplication and division 13 Minutes
Inequalities: linear and quadratic 18 Minutes
Non-linear simultaneous equations 23 Minutes
Binomial expansion 29 Minutes
Factor and remainder theorems 24 Minutes
Rules of indices 25 Minutes
Coordinate Geometry AS Level:
Coordinate geometry basics 25 Minutes
Trigonometry AS Level:
Sine and cosine rules 25 Minutes
Area of triangle by trigonometry 11 Minutes
Sequences & Series AS Level:
Arithmetic progressions 24 Minutes
Geometric progressions 28 Minutes
Calculus AS Level:
Differentiating polynomial functions 20 Minutes
Differentiating polynomials (2): Stationary points 27 Minutes
Differentiation/integration: Rational powers of x 21 Minutes
Integration of polynomial functions 25 Minutes
Calculus A2 Level:
Integration by substitution 24 Minutes
Integration by parts 26 Minutes